Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Running Around Like a Chicken with My Head Cutoff

After weeks of running around like a mad woman, I finally had a relaxing weekend! A couple of my friends and I rented a little log cabin in the woods so we could get away and enjoy some peace and quiet for a couple of days. The white cedar siding of the log cabin was absolutely beautiful and the view of the mountains from the porch was breathtaking! My friends and I wanted to steal the electric lantern in the picture off the porch for our own houses too! I know I speak for all of my friends when I say we would go back in a heartbeat.

I loved the gorgeous log cabin and getting to spend time with my friends, but that wasn’t the best part of the weekend. I honestly just enjoyed not having to eat a meal in less than five minutes. I was so extremely busy that I don’t know the last time I sat down to eat a meal; I was always eating on the go and it was terrible! And I really missed cooking so being able to cook for all of my friends was great as well.

I came across this Savory Yogurt Chicken recipe a while back and finally decided to make it on our trip. It was delicious and definitely the favorite meal of the weekend for everyone. Prep-time is minimal, but the chicken does have to cook for 45-55 minutes. I’m glad I finally tried it because I can whip up the crumb mixture quickly and get it on the chicken then let it cook while I workout. I’m hoping to find more recipes like this so I accomplish something around my house while dinner is cooking so if you know of any recipes that are similar, please share them in the comments; I’d love to try them out!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Food Fun and Language in Northern Greece

Long shoreline around Sani Beach Resort
As our winter weather seems to be turning even more winter-ish, I find myself daydreaming of beach holidays. I yearn for the warmth of the sun in a cloudless sky and the feeling of wiggling my toes in the sand instead of feeling them pinched in my work shoes.

I’m currently planning my trip for this autumn and love nothing more these days than looking for new ideas of resorts that will offer everything I’m looking for in a perfect romantic holiday – sun, sand, great food, stunning views and luxury! Imagine my delight when I discovered Northern Greece’s picture perfect Sani Resort.

Surrounded by nearly 1,000 acres of sand, sea and forest, the Sani Resort provides all the elements necessary for a romantic getaway. From the award-winning food highlighted in its annual Sani Gourmet food festival to the variety of activities available in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean, Sani Resort seems like a perfect vacation option.

My perfect stay at the Sani Resort would definitely include a trip to the Spa Suite where I’d indulge in a hot stone massage and a manicure and pedicure to make me feel not only relaxed but also ready to spend time out on the gorgeous beaches of the resort. I’d also plan on spending some time diving and snorkelling at Sani Beach Club. I love discovering the colourful worlds that exist just under water. Best of all, plenty of the locals speak fluent English, so no need to bring your language translation agency along with you.

Finally, my dream visit to Sani Resort wouldn’t be complete without spending plenty of time relaxing at the Water Restaurant and Bar with a tasty tropical beverage in hand. It’s clear that there are so many things to enjoy at Sani Resort, that it would be the perfect spot for an upcoming honeymoon or romantic holiday. It’s high on my list, that’s for sure!

Keeping your Foresight

I sometimes Chinese people do some really strange things.  At least, to me they seem strange.  I would assume that here in China it is just the cultural norm.  Sometimes you see very poorly translated signs that are hilarious.  Sometimes you encounter rules or methods that leave you scratching your head in utter confusion.  And sometimes, ever so rarely, you get the opportunity to witness something that is at once completely baffling and at the same time sums up the entirety of Chinese’s ability to plan ahead. I saw a seemingly innocuous line of windows, that were covered by a brick wall on the inside. A grand view from the Residency Permit Office in Xi’an.

Tomorrow I leave for Guangxi for a three day jaunt in my first solo adventure here in China.  I shall be returning Monday night so be sure to check back Tuesday for an update.  Wish me luck!